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More than a century ago, Henry Miller Opticians first opened its doors, dedicated then to the same goal as now - helping people improve vision through properly made eyeglasses. As a proud member of the "100 Year Association of New York" we know what it takes to successfully serve you, our deserving, New York clientele. Over the course of the past hundred years, there have been many technological advances in opticianry, from the kinds of materials used to make eyeglass lenses to the machinery used to cut them. What hasn't changed is our dedication to service and our determination to provide you with the most attractive frames and the most successful lenses for your eyes and your needs.

We focus on you and your vision. Our experts use the finest lenses available to help you realize the maximum benefit from your prescription. When it comes to your eyes and your vision, trust Henry Miller Opticians to attend to the fine detail that is the difference between and exceptional pair of eyeglasses and a merely satisfactory pair of glasses. You are more than a customer at Henry Miller. We see you as a friend and neighbor. We work to have you see us in the same light.

Opticians in New York, NY


How Long Will it Take to Get My Glasses?

Even in our "New York minute" culture, where everything has to be done yesterday, quality takes a little time. Making the perfect eyeglass deserves attention. Generally, it takes 3 to 4 business days to make your eyeglasses. However, emergencies do happen. We have a customer who broke her glasses two days before she was leaving on vacation. We made sure to have a brandnew pair of eyeglasses so she wouldn't miss a second of sightseeing!

Do All Eyeglasses Need to Be Adjusted?

You go to yoga. Or to the chiropractor. Or just stretch your muscles. We all need adjusting.

What If My Eyeglasses are Broken?

No need to have that unattractive piece of tape holding your glasses together! We are happy to repair your eyeglasses when necessary. The type of repair depends, of course, on the problem. We are happy to do many repairs as a courtesy. However, if the eyeglasses are truly broken, There will be a modest charge for replacement parts or soldering.

Do You Ship Eyeglasses?

Yes! Although we are a neighborhood store, happy to be in our Upper East Side home, our customers and friends are all over New York, the United States and the world. We ship both domestic and international. Wheen needed, local messengers deliver eyeglasses right to your doorstep!

I HATE going to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Do You Administer the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles Vision Test for Renewing a Driver's License?

Yes, we do. Our optician is state-certified to administer the Vision Test. There is a minimal charge for the test.

Come and visit us - at the store. We would love to answer any other questions you might have and show you what being an "optician of choice" truly means!

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